TepoStone TDS is a rapidly growing company worldwide in the field of artificial stones.
After several years of research and development TepoStone managed to be the first company in the world that produces the innovative Flexible Artificial Stones. With the only production unit placed at Attica Greece and creating “TepoStone” association, with lots of effort, TepoStone grows a full council network in all Greece and in more than 30 countries worldwide, making TepoStone name similar to quality and innovation.

Using the flexible stones “TepoStone” in your construction means:

• Creating stylish interior and exterior places
• 100% water insulation at any type of moisture and “cracked” surfaces
• Zero maintenance costs.
• Quick and easy installation at your place
• High resistance to extreme weather conditions.
• Unlimited colors options.
• “Ecological consciousness” because all our products are produced from natural raw materials.

Furthermore, additional security is provided due to the excellent quality of our products, manufactured according to the highest quality and safety standards in Europe.

Present your space with a feeling of warmth and combine traditional atmosphere with modern architecture at the lowest prices.

Why choose TEPOSTONE

For insulation – waterproofing of any
interior or exterior space

... and for a highly cosmetic effect the new innovative series of products are the ideal solution.

Do it yourself

It’s important that we have an easy and quick placement as well as the final result must be in all parts flowless.

TEPOSTONE quality assurance

Certified with global operators

... and using the highest safety and quality standards in Europe, TEPOSTONE products are suitable for any space even for the children's room.

Tepostone TDS Ltd – Company Video