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εύκαμπτη πέτρα tepostone

Modern Technology Artficial Products


We offer a complete range of superior quality products that can be used for insulation and renovation either indoors or outdoors.

  1. Our products are made of completely natural minerals and resins, which are environmentally friendly, so there is no need for mining.
  2. Being light weight, they will not burden any existing constructions with extra weight.
  3. Moisture proof and prevents rising damp.
  4. Our products are resistant to extreme cold and extreme heat, and they are not flammable.
  5. Our low cost product can be applied quickly and easily to any surface with the proper glue.
  6. Our product is user friendly and does not require training or technical knowledge to apply.
  7. Suitable for both interior as well as exterior walls, and they have the appearance of natural stone.
  8. Being thin in appearance, they do not use much space.
  9. They are flexible and follow curves and corners ease.